Zolciak-Biermann Financial Crisis Tied to Gambling in Messy Divorce Showdown


Reality television personalities Kim Zolciak, 45, and her husband Kroy Biermann, 38, are embroiled in a bitter and very public divorce proceeding that has revealed their worrying financial state. Through legal documents made public, Biermann points a finger at his wife as the primary catalyst for their financial predicament.

For all his eight seasons as a linebacker for the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, Biermann ironically gained greater renown for being married to Zolciak, a stalwart of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” a reality TV series that inaugurated on Bravo network in 2008.

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The pair initiated their relationship soon after meeting at a charity event in 2010. They exchanged vows a year later at their residence in Roswell, Georgia, and raised four children together.

This year, Biermann submitted divorce papers, sparking a contentious legal battle with both parties flinging accusations at each other.

Biermann has been insistent and vocal about his wife’s adherence to gambling. He claims that Zolciak dedicated extensive time and substantial chunks of their mutual funds towards gambling.

In 2020, Zolciak’s daughter, Brielle Bierman, narrated an incident where she was compelled to accompany her mother to a North Carolina-based casino. Even though she was not legally allowed to enter, she was forced to await her mother’s return from hours of gambling in the car.

Despite such stories from family members and Biermann’s renewed accusations, Zolciak continues to refute claims of her gambling addiction. Nevertheless, Biermann maintains that their financial instability stems primarily from Zolciak’s prodigal spending and enthusiasm for online gambling.

According to Biermann, their Georgia home is under a tax lien worth $1.1 million due to unpaid taxes. Simultaneously, the couple is embroiled in a legal standoff with Capital One, related to Zolciak’s credit card debt amounting to over $150K.

Biermann accepts his own financial missteps, including a pending lawsuit from Baha Mar casino in the Bahamas for failing to repay a gambling debt of $52,500 that he accrued during a trip in November 2021.

Falling into dire financial straits, Zolciak and Biermann currently share the same roof amidst their indignant divorce process. Biermann’s legal team has cited damaging effects on their children’s mental and emotional health due to the toxic environment.

According to Biermann’s counsel, emergency services have been summoned to their residence twice by Zolciak in order to intervene in trivial disputes, adding fuel to an already volatile domestic scenario.

Biermann has requested the court to assign a judicial officer to ensure the sale of their marital home. He alleges Zolciak is obstructing proceedings to prolong her stay in the house. Biermann’s attorneys assert, “Zolciak has declared unequivocally that she will neither move nor cooperate in attempts to sell the marital home. Regrettably, she seems oblivious to the ramifications her actions continue to inflict upon their minor children.”