Yukon’s Political Parties Are Campaigning: Here’s What They Say


Yukon’s three political parties have their plans and programs ahead of the Yukon territorial election on April 12.

Here’s what they have to say:


The party leader Kate White has announced a set of policies aimed at helping new parents. It seems that NDP will construct a birthing center near the Whitehorse General Hospital to aid the new parents in Yukon. The party also plans to cover the cost of perinatal mental health care and expand the use of midwives.

Kate White added:

“It’s important to recognize midwives as primary health care providers, you should be able to choose a midwife first, just like you might choose a doctor, a nurse practitioner, and we need to make sure that they can practice to their full scope of practice and that they have access to all the facilities that they need, including the hospital setting.”


The goal of this party is to make healthcare more accessible this year. Liberals plan to hire more nurse practitioners in communities and to expand Telehealth in rural communities.

“This will reduce unnecessary travel and support Yukoners to get the health care they need without leaving home,” said Liberal candidate John Streicker.

Also, Streicker confirmed that a “health lodge” will be set up in Whitehorse and that the territory’s Health Professions Act will be revised.

Yukon Party

Yukon Party is planning to tackle climate change. Yukon Party leader Currie Dixon seeks to partner with Yukon University, industry, and local unions to invest in training construction workers in retrofitting homes and offices, making those buildings more energy-efficient.

Dixon stated:

“What we don’t want to see is companies have to come up from down south to do that kind of work. So by really focusing on upskilling and improving the training available to our workforce here in the Yukon, we are really putting our businesses in a competitive advantage while also improving our efforts on climate change.”


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