Yukon’s New Gender-Affirming Policy Is Far Ahead Of Other Gender-Affirming Policies In The Country


Yukon has recently introduced a new gender-affirming policy. Dr. Michael Marshall was one of the experts who have contributed greatly to the making of the new policy. Marshall stated that Yukon’s new gender-affirming policy is the best in the country.

Yukon’s Insured Health and Hearing Services have issued the document and expanded health-care coverage to include a more comprehensive list of surgeries and procedures.

Chase Blodgett, president of All Genders Yukon Society, said:

“It’s going to change the lives of so many people in a positive manner. It’s incredible to have the Yukon having gender-affirming procedures coverage that is the most comprehensive in Canada and in North America. [This document] is going to profoundly remove barriers to allow people to be treated and seen in the general public for who they are.”

This brand-new policy defines gender-affirming care as life-saving procedures. It took three years for this policy to be realized.

Marguerite Fenske, acting director for Insured Health and Hearing Services, said that this is a

“significant change and a step forward.”

She added:

“These services really are required … for [people’s] health and well-being.”

Michelle Wolsky, a nurse practitioner with Yukon’s sexual health clinic, also commented:

“Gender-affirming care is really more of a buffet. It’s not black and white. It’s more of a continuum of what people are looking for to affirm their gender. These procedures … will only improve mental health significantly for people when they can actually live as they feel internally.”


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