Yukon Museum Releases A New Venture To Promote Local Tourism


‘Yukon Spin’ has shared cycling scenery online to promote local tourism. The project is part exercise video, part tourism ad. It allows visitors to take a biking tour (sort of) through the territory and see its splendors.

Janna Swales, executive director of the Yukon Transportation Museum, has spent lots of time on the project. She filmed a bike ride down the South Klondike Highway toward the White Pass and then presented the video to the Museum. Now, the visitors can rent the video online and see Yukon before visiting it. The users can enjoy the view while virtually pedaling on a stationary bike.

Janna Swales stated:

“It reaches out to people in other parts of the world and they get to experience our roads, and perhaps pique their interest in coming to visit us when they’re able to.”

Videos like this one have become popular in the tourism industry. The Yukon Transportation Museum has two videos, and the visitors can rent them for a price that goes from $1.50 to $5.

The Museum plans to add more videos that could include bike rides from Carcross Corner to Mt Lorne, the Silver Trail into Mayo, and more.


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