Yuka Saso’s Power Performance: First Female Filipina-Japanese Champion at U.S. Women’s Open


In what can only be hailed as a glorious blend of grace under pressure and power-packed performance, Yuka Saso emerged triumphant as the first Filipina and Japanese woman at the U.S. Women’s Open in the verdant environs of the Lancaster Country Club. Saso’s achievement represents the culmination of her journey thus far, intertwined with the heritages of her parents. Her game, a testament to the unwavering support and encouragement from her Filipina mother and Japanese father, was underscored with an almost poetic grandeur.

With contenders falling away like dominoes on the harsh terrain of the back nine on Sunday, Saso expertly navigated the pitfalls to secure a three-shot victory. By the end of it, she held aloft the silver Semple Trophy, her eyes glinting with more than just the satisfaction of victory, but also an emotional longing for her parental home. In her parents, she’d found her most reliable motivators and cheerleaders.

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Representing the Philippines, Saso clinched victory at The Olympic Club in 2021, a feat she attributed to her mother. Fast forward three years, and she triumphed yet again; this time donning the flag of Japan – a tribute to her father. The joy of representing both her heritages, the ethnic quilt that she is made of, is not lost on her, giving a new dimension to her victories.

Being consistent in her ability to deliver, Saso remained unshaken, just as she had been during her winning stint at the Olympic Club a few years back. Shooting four birdies over a five-hole stretch on the back nine, she displayed remarkable command over tee shots, putts, and wedges. Her performance demonstrated that skill can overcome even the harsh trials of professional golf.

At par from short of the 18th green, Saso finished at a commendable 4-under 276. She overtook first Japanese Women’s British Open victor, Hinako Shibuno, by three full shots, making this a winning run for Japanese athletes with five of them landing in the top 10.

This isn’t Saso’s first dalliance with success; the athlete has bagged two titles on Japan’s LPGA prior to venturing into the American golf scene. Her first two victories with the prime international women’s professional golf tour place her in an admirable club with Se Ri Pak and In Gee Chun.

Juggling the pressures of athletic expectations and self-doubt, Saso’s resolve remained unshaken. With a spectacular third professional win under her belt, she not only silenced the whispering demons of self-doubt but also put herself firmly back under the sports world’s spotlight and on the path to the Olympics once more.

The stage is not always kind and Sunday bore witness to the fall of many a hopeful. Minjee Lee, a two-time major champion, unraveled in the face of ill-timed misjudgments, opening the path for Saso to claim her spot at the top.

Saso’s crown jewel moment came as she delivered a 10-foot birdie putt on the 12th. She followed it with an approach to 6 feet on the 15th hole, and a two-putt birdie on the par-4 16th, putting her in the hall of fame of women who have won major titles under two nationalities.

From beginning the final round three shots behind to bagging the victory, Saso’s journey was anything but smooth. Unperturbed, she showcased her mettle, neatly sidestepping potential pitfalls, and paving her way to the finish line.

Her victories, timeless and packed with emotion, wrap themselves around her like a coat of many colors, each hue bearing testament to a persistent climb to the pinnacle of success. The surprise of words like “unexpected” and “improbable” has mellowed into the warm familiarity of “achieved” and “acclaimed”, each triumph feeling twice as sweet as the last.