YouTube Sensation Jake Paul Takes on Boxing Legend Mike Tyson in Historic Showdown


It’s July 20th, Arlington, Texas. The AT&T Stadium, colloquially known as the “Jerry World,” whose moniker is derived from being the quintessential home of the NFL Dallas Cowboys, turns the spotlight not on star studded quarterbacks, but on an unconventional set of prizefighters. Jake Paul, the YouTube sensation turned professional boxer, is set to duke it out with the legendary, but long retired, Mike Tyson.

This bout, which has taken the sports world by storm, will be broadcasted to audiences worldwide via Netflix. Even more interestingly, the fight will not be just a mere exhibition. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) – the state agency wielding the power to sanction professional combative sports – is overseeing the fight.

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This decision emphasizes the seriousness of the event. It isn’t simply a spectacle; it is a contest that will abide by stringent standards. Professional, unbiased referees will determine the score, while the fighters will undergo rigorous psychical, mental and drug testing leading up to the big day.

“Jake Paul and Mike Tyson are signing on to a sanctioned professional fight. It’s these rigorous standards that strive to yield a definitive end,” quips Nakisa Bidarian, the co-founder of Most Valuable Promotions. The past six weeks for MVP have been satisfying the requirements of the TDLR to sanction the Paul vs Tyson fight.

The TDLR sanctioning provides a lucrative avenue for gambling enthusiasts looking to place their bets on this contest. Without such sanctioning, state gambling regulators usually forbid betting on exhibition fights. Now, with the oversight, the odds have swung wide open, making for an exciting betting prospect.

Skeptics might write off the Paul vs Tyson showdown as merely an opportunity for the YouTube star and the veteran boxer to fill their coffers. After all, the former, 27-year old Paul, has just started his boxing journey while the latter, 57-year old Tyson, has not fought professionally since 2005. When he steps into the ring in July, Tyson will be 58 years old.

However, the state regulation of the fight alleviates concerns about hijinks and a pre-decided outcome. The competitors promise a fair bout, with 14-ounce gloves, two-minute rounds, and an overall eight-round match, providing a knockout doesn’t end things sooner.

Boasting a professional record of 50-6 with 44 knockouts, Tyson will face off against Paul whose record stands at 9-1 with six knockouts, even if most fights have been mere exhibitions.

As per the TDLR, the participants are bound by a set of rules that stipulate no under the belt hits, forbid deliberately attacking the kidney area, ban the use of abusive language, and require adherence to referee commands.

Since the announcement of the fight, offshore sportsbooks, despite remaining unregulated and technically illegal, started taking bets. While Jake Paul initially seemed to be the standout favorite, the betting trends have reportedly shifted towards Tyson.

“The betting public’s backing of Tyson has pushed him from the position of a distinct underdog to almost equal contenders,” quotes an offshore oddsmaker.

The odds appear to be swaying as Tyson’s popularity overwhelms the support garnered by the social media star. For the bookies, balancing the action seems an uphill task as Tyson continues to amass backing from an eclectic mix of ardent fans and curious bettors, all set to turn the tables on the young Disney star, Jake Paul.