YouTube Halts Russell Brand’s Monetization Citing Violation and Safety Concerns


YouTube announced the suspension of monetization on Russell Brand’s channel, citing a violation of its creator responsibility policy. The action was taken in a bid to safeguard the platform’s users.

Brand, a renowned comedian and actor, recently faced allegations of rape and sexual assaults which supposedly took place between 2006 and 2013; allegations he fervently denies. The Metropolitan Police confirmed receiving a report of a supposed sexual assault dating back to 2003, linked to media claims regarding the star.

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On Tuesday, a spokesperson for YouTube stated their firm stance on maintaining community safety. The spokesperson reiterated that the platform was willing to take action if any creator’s behavior outside of the platform posed harm to the users, the employees, or the platform’s ecosystem.

In the past few years, Brand has significantly reoriented his public image. The former television and radio personality has been regularly posting videos on spirituality and politics to his massive following.