Pointe-Claire Youth Council proposes a variety of projects to improve quality of life


The Pointe-Claire Youth Council presented four creative projects for their City at a special meeting held at City Hall on April 10. These projects aim to positively impact and improve the quality of life in Pointe-Claire.

“It’s remarkable to see the interest that these young people have in projects aimed at improving the quality of life and better serving our community. The participants came thoroughly prepared to present and show the merits of their projects for the future of their City,” explains Mayor Trudeau.

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Just like City Council, students from elementary schools in Pointe-Claire sat on the council as mayor and councillors. The students put forward their point of view on topics that affect them directly, with particular sensitivity to issues concerning the environment, road safety and youth development within the community.

Among the projects presented was a “green” library powered entirely by solar energy, offering a healthy balance of knowledge, relaxation, the discovery of art and respect for nature, while helping to forge social ties. They also voiced an interest in a community garden for children, with the aim of raising awareness among young people about the benefits of healthy and environmentally friendly eating habits.

To promote safety on the road, they suggested installing rumble strips on roads to incite drivers to slow down. Finally, they believe that a youth tutoring centre, built of eco-friendly materials, would encourage young people to volunteer their time by giving them the opportunity to offer educational support and organize activities on a variety of themes.

“We thank these young people who made the community the key focus of their projects. They show wisdom and understand that the future and well-being of their generation lies in the future of our beautiful planet. We encourage them to continue on the path of commitment,” added the mayor.