Young Women Accused of $40,000 Grocery Theft Spree Caught in Auckland


A spree of seemingly continuous thefts from local supermarkets has left authorities flabbergasted, as two young women, ages 22 and 26, are accused of stealing groceries amounting to a shocking $40,000 over a scant two-month period. They face an array of 29 theft-related charges, with Auckland supermarkets falling victim to their calculated artisan theft.

The duo was finally intercepted and apprehended by law enforcement officials, following the sighting of a car bearing striking characteristics – a conspicuously damaged rear glass. It didn’t take the authorities long to realise that these were indeed the shoplifting culprits they had been vigorously pursuing.

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Apprehending the youngsters did not result in any untoward incidents, and they are currently under custody. In due course, they will be presented before the Auckland District Court to face the legal reckoning.

Senior Sergeant Guy Baldwin, a key figure in their arrest, emphasized the interdepartmental cooperation that went into cracking this case. He pointed out that to bring these alleged serial offenders to book and nip any further possibility of additional thefts, frontline personnel paired with investigators in a joint task force.

The selected products here weren’t arbitrary either, remarks Matt Tierney, manager at the National Retail Investigation Support Unit (NRISU). He sheds light on the ongoing efforts by NRISU investigators as they painstakingly assemble the pieces of each reported incident to trace and apprehend offenders.

Barely a year into its service since its inception in November 2021, the NRISU has already charged a staggering 289 offenders, racking up 1,583 charges in total. Pledged to continue the relentless battle against repeat retail offending, Tierney expresses gratitude towards the retailers and the local community for their crucial role in alerting the police about these transgressions. Their cooperation is indicative of the collective effort required to hold those flouting the law accountable.