Young Persons In 12-17 Age Gap Cannot Move Up Second Dose on Clic Sante, Government Says


The government has said that all young people in the age range 12 to 17 years cannot, for the moment, move up the second immunization so that they get it before 8 weeks elapse on the Clic Sante webpage.

Quebec’s vaccination protocols stipulate that the second dose is important, but the recommended waiting time between the first and second dose is a mandatory 8 weeks, for that age range, health officials said.

The interval is recommended as it helps to maximize the effectiveness of the immunization.

But the health ministry said it is expecting some input from the Comité d’immunisation du Québec (CIQ) in the coming days about the likelihood of issuing the second dose four weeks earlier, to synch the immunization program with that of adults.

Despite some delay, some parents reported they managed to have their teenagers get a second shot earlier than stipulated at a number of walk-in clinics.


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