You are fabulous! You are amazing! You are fantastic! You are wonderful! You are all
these things at something you do. Everyone is fabulously talented at something.
Everyone has the ability to be really good at doing something. Think about it. What are
you fabulous at? Oh…By the way, only you need to think you are fabulous at that
thing you do. Only you need to please yourself.

Personally, I think I am fabulous at gardening. No one has to agree with me. I feel it
and that’s all I need to feel fabulous. Occasionally, someone will tell me that I have a
lovely garden and I do appreciate the compliment. It reassures me of what I feel inside.
Although, someone might look at my garden and state that it’s nothing special. It makes
no difference to me. Gardening pleases me and I think I’m fabulous at creating and
maintaining it. So there!

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So… what are you fabulous at? There’s got to be at least one thing which you do,
which pleases yourself so much that you know your fabulous. Could it be cooking,
dancing, skiing, training, golfing, swimming, being the best parent ever, being a great
friend, being a great sibling or being the best child ever? Ask yourself.

Now, some people think they are fabulous at everything. They could be, however, no
one is really fabulous at everything. Somethings for sure, but not everything. When I
think about my family and friends, I can clearly state that each of them are fabulous at
something in particular. I wonder if they know it. I think I might remind them of what
they are fabulous at. I’m sure the reminder will be appreciated, just as I enjoy hearing a
compliment about my garden.

On the other side of this coin are the things I’m not fabulous at. This list is rather long. I
am not fabulous at managing my time because I like to putter around. I am not fabulous
at controlling my chocolate impulses; actually I’m completely horrible at this. I’m sure I
just ate 3 or 4 mini chocolate bars while writing this article! I am not fabulous at cooking.
I wish I could cook better. I just don’t have the gardeners touch in the kitchen. I can grow anything with earth, sunlight and water. I just can’t create the same with foods.

I’ve tried to be better. I’ve taken cooking classes. I just don’t have a green thumb in the
kitchen. So, I throw in the kitchen towel and accept that I am not fabulous at cooking.
In the same token of being fabulous at something, now ask yourself what you are not
fabulous at. Think about it.

I’m not very good at adding odd numbers. I hit the sidewalk all the time when I park my
car and this ruins my tire rims. I’m terrible at sticking to my ‘need to buy’ list in any
Dollar store. I definitely have zero self-control when it comes to eating ice cream.

But I’m a fabulous gardener!

Everyone is good at some things and not so good at other things. Hopefully there is a
balance. On a typical summer’s day, you may find a beautiful bouquet of flowers,
which were carefully selected from my garden, on my outdoor dining table. The table
will be set with specifically chosen dinnerware and the décor will complement the
flowers. Everything will look lovely and ready for a delicious meal. However, the meal
might be just o.k. Sorry, I’m just not fabulous at everything and that’s really ok!

When I hear the occasional complaint, “Sue, you’re late again!” I respond with, “But I’m
really good at gardening!” Truth is I’m always working on being better at managing my
time. I really do put in the efforts to be better at this. It’s mental work for me.
Gardening is not work, it’s a pleasure.

My next article will be in the New Year. So as we come to the close of this article and
this year. I ask you to think about what you are fabulous at and what you are not
fabulous at. Be kind and understanding with yourself when you are just o.k. at doing
some things. But celebrate the things you are fabulous at! Celebrate you this New
Years! You only need ‘you’ to think you are fabulous!

Have a super FABULOUS NEW YEAR! I’ll see FABULOUS you next year!



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