Yes Campaign Advocate Contemplating Legal Action Against Dutton Over Fear-Mongering Tactics


Noted Yes campaign supporter is pondering over possible legal measures against Peter Dutton, in connection to an Instagram post. This occurs as Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young critiques the No campaign for utilizing tactics reminiscent of Donald Trump, accusing them of orchestrating an “attack on democracy”.

Indigenous scholar Marcia Langton has taken issue with the Opposition Leader for sharing an Instagram post, hinting that she personally called No voters “stupid” and “racist”.

Developing news suggested that during a recent forum in WA, Professor Langton had addressed the recurring arguments made by No campaigners, stating that when dissected, these arguments harbored inherent racism or demonstrated sheer ignorance. Her comments spurred media outlets to report that she had targeted No voters as “stupid” and “racist”.

On Wednesday, Professor Langton vocally rejected claims that she had been misrepresented and criticized Mr. Dutton for exploiting the misinformation.

Addressing the issue, Professor Langton stated, “Peter Dutton still has a post on his Instagram with that headline, my photograph and a large arrow pointing towards me. I feel compelled to consult legal aid today and write to Peter Dutton, requesting the removal of this post from his Instagram. This is clearly a falsehood.”

Professor Langton expressed her deep disappointment over the media turmoil, asserting that a majority of Australians, herself included, harbored no racial biases.

“A considerable number of people have expressed their revulsion regarding the blatant racism directed at Indigenous Australians in media and various other situations,” reported the Professor.

Professor Langton stressed, “There is a necessity to clarify the referendum’s proposal, as confusion has led voters uncertain of what they are supporting.”

The previous day, it was revealed that volunteers were instructed to conceal their affiliations with the No campaign during phone calls and propagate incorrect reports of compensation being granted to Indigenous Australians in the event of a Yes victory.

Sarah Hanson-Young criticized the No campaign on Wednesday, drawing parallels between their tactics and those of select Donald Trump supporters, and stressed the destructive consequences of promoting fear, division and misinformation in a democratic system.

Meanwhile, Nationals senator Matt Canavan accused Professor Langton of engaging in “petty name calling” and stated that Australians “were sick and tired of being called racist”.

Malarndirri McCarthy, the Assistant Indigenous Australians Minister, applauded Professor Langton as an exemplary Australian.

The public is set to partake in the nation’s first referendum since 1999 on October 14. Australians will express their stance on the proposed First Nations Voice to Parliament. They will be asked to affirm or deny the proposition to “alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice”.

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