Yellow Stars On Anti-Vaccine Movement Hurtful, Montréal Holocaust Museum Says


Jewish rights groups have come out to condemn indecent use of the Yellow Star worn by the Laval Anti-vaccine movement Tuesday, noting that it does not bode well with the Holocaust movement.

A number of protesters were seen wearing the yellow star outside the Econofitness gym, Laval, which is one of the sites that were earmarked to run vaccine passport tests expected to start operation on the 1st of September.

The Holocaust Museum in Montreal stated the anti-vaccine movement’s appropriation of the yellow stars is offensive, and its comparison with the immunization passport was trivializing the Holocaust’s dark past.

A number of people had the star on their person with the words No Vaccine written in the French language at the center while they shouted Je suis libre right outside the gym.

The crowd also cheered on Quebec’s QAnon conspiracy theorist, Alexis Cossette-Trudel, who content was taken down across multiple platforms including tweeter and Facebook.


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