XRP’s Potential 1000% Surge, Analyst Forecasts Wave 3 Jump


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, XRP is currently facing a downward slide, breaching the 200-day exponential moving average and descending beneath the crucial 0.618 Fibonacci retracement level. Amidst this bearish backdrop, a noted figure within the realm of digital currency analysis, Dark Defender, casts a ray of hope for the closely-knit XRP community.

Dark Defender warns of potential hardships ahead but hints at a remarkable trajectory that could see the digital asset’s value soar by an astonishing 1000%. A keen fusion of technical insights paints this possibility, melding tools like the Ichimoku Cloud, intricate Fibonacci layers, ABC corrective wave patterns, and principles of Elliott Wave theory.

The forthcoming path for XRP, according to the recent chart analysis, echoes an Elliott Wave structure which implies that market trends are cyclic and foreseeable. Dark Defender spots an ABC correction pattern on the verge of rounding off within a grand Elliott Wave sequence. This pattern oscillates through a downward A wave, an upward B wave, and a concluding C wave downturn.

During this in-depth exploration of XRP’s market activity, Dark Defender identifies parallels with the currency’s position in early 2021—a time when it astonishingly surged by 1,060% in just under four months. Key to this prognosis is the alignment of current Relative Strength Index (RSI) levels, denoting market equilibrium and an upward trend, with those observed in the preceding surge’s genesis.

The RSI, coupled with the Ichimoku Cloud—which delivers a compendium of momentum, trend direction, and potential support and resistance levels—suggests XRP could be primed for a breakout. This breakout is critical; it offers an indicator for a forceful emerging trend. Current price action has XRP encapsulated within the cloud, as observed on weekly charts.

Furthermore, innate to the strategy are Fibonacci retracement markers, drawn from peak to trough, denoting levels like $0.3917, $0.4623, $0.5286, and $0.6649. Dark Defender posits that maintaining a position above or below the 50% mark at $0.5286 could foreshadow the next directional cue—whether soaring towards $0.6649 or tumbling in the direction of $0.3917.

Peering into the horizon, the Fib extension level at 161.80%—equating to around $1.8815—is signaled as a conceivable Wave 3 target in the Elliott Wave journey. The prospect includes a range peaking at $5.85, overshadowing even the 161.80% Fib extension pinnacle.

Nevertheless, traders ought to remain vigilant to the principal resistance and supporting trend lines gripping XRP’s price action. These lines intersect, crafting a pivotal triangle formation, focusing market attention on an impending decisive shift. A break could activate significant price fluctuations, inching towards either $0.39 or $0.66 in the immediate future.

In essence, Dark Defender paints a scenario of dual possibilities, both spiraling towards an eventual substantial Wave 3 upswing, piecing together final projections ranging from $1.88 to $5.85. As things stand, XRP’s last quoted price was $0.53195.


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