XRP’s Persistent Slump Tied to Ripple’s Ongoing SEC Lawsuit Outcome


In the world of cryptocurrencies, constant price fluctuation is the law of the land. But for XRP, the token championed by Ripple, the story has been a frustrating one of stagnation. Despite a series of positive developments surrounding Ripple, the XRP token has languished, stagnant on the $0.5 benchmark for several months, leaving investors feeling cheated by its lackluster performance compared to more dynamic cryptocurrencies.

Former Ripple director, Sean McBride, candidly shared his perspective on the static token, suggesting that XRP is mired in a deadlock, with any hope of a potential breakout tethered to the completion of Ripple’s ongoing lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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This coupling of XRPs fortunes to the SEC lawsuit has rendered the token’s future bleak for over three years. A verdict in favor of Ripple in July 2023 was supposed to be a saving grace. Back then, Judge Torres ruled that offering XRP to retail investors didn’t equate to dealing in securities, causing the token price to temporarily surge to $0.90. Unfortunately, this victory was short-lived as XRP saw itself reverting to under $0.5, with futile attempts to break through this barrier despite various rebounds facilitated by bullish dominance.

A new cycle of this monotonous routine was witnessed recently, with the bulls taking charge for three weeks, gently and briefly nudging XRP slightly above the $0.5 mark. Yet, as has seemingly become its fate, XRP’s value once again failed to sustain this achievement, with the token currently trading near $0.48.

According to McBride, XRP’s lackluster value is likely to continue unless Judge Torres reaches a conclusive decision on the pending case concerning whether offering XRP to institutional investors should be classified as dealing securities. A clear judgment, McBride argues, would finally empower institutional investors to conclusively determine their positions on Ripple and XRP.

For XRP to shake off its persistent slump, it’s indisputable that the SEC-Ripple lawsuit must reach a resolution. The legal battle has cast an unrelenting shadow of uncertainty, suppressing the token’s value. A settlement, or a decisive victory in Ripple’s favor, could spell the end of this persistent downturn, potentially igniting a surge in XRP’s worth.

If this occurs, XRP would still contend with compensating for lost ground over the past three years, requiring it to outperform the market significantly. On the flip side, a defeat in court would deal a severe blow to XRP’s value, likely sending it tumbling further.

Pinning his hopes on fate, one crypto analyst, EGRAG CRYPTO, suggests that it’s inevitable for all the circulating profits to eventually flow into XRP. This financial infusion, he foresees, would break the token’s fall from the descending triangle, propelling it towards a lofty target of $7.5, thereby altering the token’s narrative of persistent stagnation.