XRP Cryptocurrency Shows Bullish Signs Amid Recovery from $0.4620 Low


The fluctuating fortunes of the XRP cryptocurrency continue to garner attention as the price shows signs of recovery after hitting a low at the $0.4620 support zone. The cryptocurrency’s journey back towards bullish terrain might be initiated if it can decisively break through the $0.4825 resistance level.

XRP’s struggle with bearish dynamics is apparent as it has recently tested the $0.4620 support zone. Current trading indicates a price point below $0.4820 and steers under the channel defined by the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. Moreover, a key bearish trend line is observed, with a formidable resistance looming at $0.4785, as data from Kraken charts of XRP/USD pairings reveal. Should the XRP manage to convincingly clear the $0.4800 and $0.4820 barriers, a steady recovery could well be on the cards.

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Despite failing to breach the $0.4820 resistance zone, mirroring the decline of its peers Bitcoin and Ethereum, XRP’s price exhibits resilience. There was a noted descent below the $0.480 and $0.4750 thresholds, with the price even experiencing a temporary dip beneath the $0.4650 mark. However, bullish sentiments seem to have been active and instrumental near the $0.4620 point, giving rise to a low at $0.4619 before ushering in a phase of loss recovery.

In an promising move, the price ascended beyond the $0.4680 and $0.4720 resistance levels and managed to clear the 50% Fib retracement level emanating from the swing high of $0.4885 to the low of $0.4619. Yet, it still stands below $0.4850 and the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. Resistance seems to be aggregating near the $0.4780 price level, along with the formation of a key bearish trendline with resistance at $0.4785.

Tracing the trendline towards the 61.8% Fib retracement level, drawn from the swing high of $0.4885 to the low of $0.4619, the first significant resistance appears to be gathered near the $0.4825 price level. If this resistance can be surmounted, it may trigger the XRP’s price to advance towards the $0.4880 resistance. This could be followed by the next major resistance near the $0.500 zone. A favourable close above this zone could potentially launch the price even higher, with $0.5250 serving as the next critical resistance. Further gains could potentially project the price towards the $0.5500 resistance zone.

However, should XRP fail to penetrate the $0.4825 resistance, it could herald another downturn. The initial support in such a scenario would land at around the $0.4680 level, followed by major support gathered at $0.4620. If a downside break occurs, causing a close beneath $0.4620, there’s a likelihood of a deeper descent. In such a predicament, short-term trading could plunge the price below the $0.450 support.

Technical indicators suggest a bullish resurgence, with the MACD for XRP/USD currently accelerating in the bullish zone, while the RSI for the same is optimistically positioned above the 50 level. Major Support levels have congealed at the $0.4680 and $0.4620 tiers, while formidable resistance awaits at $0.4800 and $0.4825.