XRP Bears Stunned: $1.27 Million Wiped from Long Positions Amid Market Volatility


The beleaguered bulls in the roller-coaster world of the market continue to reel from relentless blows, with XRP bulls becoming the latest victims. A staggering $1.27 million was wiped from their long positions recently, a crushing blow marking a 6,350% leap in long liquidations. The large-scale XRP liquidation is most likely an adverse aftermath of its recent precarious price action, shedding light on the prevailing climate in its ecosystem.

Insights from Coinglass reveal the severity of the situation. An unthinkable $1.27 million in long positions were liquidated in the paradoxical market arena in just 24 hours. This sum is colossal when compared to the minuscule $19,220 rooted out of short positions over the same period. The paramount effect is owed to the 3.85% decline in the XRP’s price, forcing the cryptocurrency to plummet to a low of $0.51 in the last day.

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Many believe the slide in XRP’s price is the ripple effect of a sudden correction in Bitcoin’s price that led it to tumble below the $62,000 threshold once again. But apart from this, a discernible bearish sentiment seems to be permeating the XRP ecosystem. As these dynamics play out, data from the XRP derivatives market indicates more than a 26% drop in trading volume.

Simultaneously, the volume of options trading dipped by over 46%. These numbers paint a stark picture of wary XRP investors opting to watch from the safety of the sidelines, evidently cautious as the bears appear to have seized control of the market. Yet, amidst the bearish trends, a silver lining emerges in the form of a noticeable uptick in open interest. It seems some dauntless bulls are defying the odds, bravely staking bets on the cryptocurrency.

Such bullish defiance might be fueled by optimistic predictions put forth by crypto analysts. Notably, Jonathan Carter recently forecasted a significant uptick for XRP, surging as high as $0.93 and possibly even escalating to $1.68. This invigorates the hope for an imminent and long-awaited rally for XRP.

Speculations of an impending XRP rally have been further stoked by a nearing resolution to the protracted legal tussle pitting the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Ripple. JackTheRippler, the crypto analyst, hints that the crypto token could witness an astounding ascent, potentially rocketing as high as $100 once the case is settled.

The anticipation for this admittedly ambitious price increase is heightened by XRP’s recent positive trajectory in the wake of Judge Analisa Torres ruling the crypto token wasn’t a security. As of the present moment, XRP’s trading price hovers around $0.51, experiencing a dip in the last 24 hours, based on information from CoinMarketCap. These converging market currents leave investors and analysts, both bullish and bearish, eagerly awaiting the outcome.