Wynn’s $4 Billion Al Marjan Island Resort Breaks Ground


In a notable stride towards diversifying its international presence and infusing opulence in the United Arab Emirates, Wynn Resorts is on the verge of breaking ground on the majestic Wynn Al Marjan Island hotel tower. Nestled on the picturesque Al-Marjan Island, this ambitious endeavor promises to establish a new paradigm in luxury resort offerings in the region.

Forecasts peg the project’s value at a hefty $4 billion, positioning this venture as the potential premier gaming destination in the Middle East, with its doors slated to open by early 2027. Despite the grandiosity of the undertaking, Wynn’s stake in the venture is that of a minority, thereby mitigating its financial risk as the burden of the multibillion-dollar investment is shared amongst its regional partners, Marjan LLC and RAK Hospitality Holding LLC.

As construction surges ahead, with significant progress on the hotel tower’s foundation, future phases will steer the structure skyward, transforming the island’s silhouette. This report was elucidated in an analysis presented by JPMorgan. Upon completion, the property will encompass a sprawling 5.6 million square feet. Yet, should a casino feature within the plans, it would command a mere 4% of this space — a testament to Wynn’s philosophy that gaming should complement rather than dominate the guest experience.

Wynn Resorts, buoyed by robust fourth-quarter performances, saw its CEO Craig Billings express unabashed optimism regarding the UAE venture in dialogues with analysts. This offshore property is deemed not only an expansion of Wynn’s geographical footprint but a marker of its foray into novel markets.

The opulent Wynn Al Marjan Island is designed to prioritize luxurious accommodations, top-tier entertainment, and culinary finesse over the allure of gaming tables. This inclination aligns with the tastes of UAE regulators who may be contemplating a measured embrace of casino gaming in a region historically resistant to its charms. Billings enthused about the emerging construct: “This property is really going to be a stunner, and it’s great to see the buildings start to take shape.”

The UAE’s gaming horizon remains somewhat indistinct. With the inception of the General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA) helmed by Jim Murren, former CEO of MGM Resorts International, a framework for gaming regulations is forthcoming, but as yet undefined. The clearance required for Wynn to usher in casino operations on UAE soil is clouded in uncertainty—a factor contributing to market apprehension, as evidenced by the stock’s performance that ostensibly discounts the UAE’s latent promise.

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