Wynn Resorts’ Strategic Expansion Boosts Investor Confidence


In the intricate dance of finance and hospitality, Wynn Resorts boasts corporate bonds that intrigue investors with promises of significant yields and an enhanced credit score. However, analysts suggest that those eyeing immediate profit through capital gains might have to curb their enthusiasm.

Gimme Credit’s seasoned analyst Kim Noland, drawing from her comprehensive report, sheds light on Wynn Resorts’ strategic international diversification, notably through the ambitious Wynn Al Marjan Island project in the United Arab Emirates. This venture is anticipated to weave a fresh revenue stream into the company’s financial tableau.

Nolan’s projections posit that Wynn will craft a robust earnings portfolio, with an expected EBITDAR of $2 billion for the current year. This optimistic forecast is tethered to the company’s bold maneuvers, including the $4 billion development of Wynn Al Marjan Island, slated to contribute a substantial slice to their EBITDA pie upon its projected opening in the first quarter of 2027.

In the realm of debt and creditworthiness, the financial tide appears to be turning in Wynn’s favor. Standard Poor’s recent credit rating advancement for Wynn and its Macau subsidiary, from “B+” to “BB-,” echoes a sentiment of gradual yet tangible progress. Though the coveted investment-grade rating remains a few leagues away, bond markets seem to buoy Wynn’s prospects, particularly in Macau where professional investors are keen on casino concessionaires’ offerings.

With the company’s prudence leading to diminished online betting ventures in the U.S., it has cinched its losses, bolstering its fiscal performance and eclipsing market expectations for the third quarter. This retrenchment in online activity and Wynn’s concerted efforts at leveraging has situated the company on a promising path of debt reduction, aligning with current market prudence that eschews burdensome debt.

As the year wanes, Noland casts her prediction, envisioning Wynn to cap the fiscal period with an EBITDA cresting at nearly $2 billion. This, combined with its tactical financial positioning, is set to carve Wynn’s leverage to finer proportions, nudging it closer to fiscal riposte.

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