WSIB To Enrich Ontario Economy with $100M Move from Toronto to London


In April 2022, news was released that the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) was set to shift its base from Toronto to London, Ontario. It was hinted that the freshly vacated 3M offices at 300 Tartan Dr. would become the new heart of operations for the provincial entity.

David Piccini, the Labour Minister, verified the move to the eastern London location, stating, “The new office will commence operations in 2025 and will consist of a workforce of at least 500 dedicated employees serving their respective roles.”

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The province is projected to be enriched by a whopping $100 million due to this strategic relocation, which is also expected to generate around 2,000 ancillary jobs. The original intention behind this move was to utilise the abundant vacant office spaces of the downtown area while enhancing local businesses.

Jeff Lang, the WSIB President, acknowledged the compelling economic argument for securing the 3M property. He elaborated, “Over a ten-year lease period, the estimate for downtown London yields a figure of $7 million annually, leading to a clear $70 million disparity between the costs of acquiring this property versus leasing a premise downtown.”

Barb Maly, the executive director of Downtown London—which is an agency that diligently supports downtown businesses—expressed sorrow at this revelation, urging for a strategic rethinking of approaches to downtown development.

Mayor Josh Morgan expressed that the city is contemplating alternative uses for the abundant empty spaces, including ways to mitigate the housing crisis. He shared, “We are considering the conversion of office spaces into residential accommodations under the Housing Accelerator Fund.”

Echoing Morgan, the Minister declared that WSIB operates solely on fees rendered by employers, thus, the relocation would allow for better utilization of these resources. It was revealed that the former Toronto location ranks among the most expensive real estate in Canada. This move will ensure more funds are available to secure workers across the province.

Jeff Lang sees the move as an opportunity for expansion and the forging of strategic partnerships, cementing the sense of forward momentum and optimism for the future. As the city prepares for this new chapter, the focus remains on converting challenges into opportunities and crafting a new vision for downtown London.