WOW -Working on Wellness


By: Frances Michaelson

You know how many people today lead a hectic lifestyle and because of stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep and lack of exercise, suffer symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain and poor concentration? They attempt several different diets and exercise routines with little result only to go back to their previous conditions.They are being misinformed and are confused as to what to do to feel and look better.  screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-3-17-52-pm

I can solve this.  

I am a personal trainer and a licensed naturopath. I started the West Island’s first personal training studio in 2001. I studied naturopathy and graduated in 2011 and I am licensed to treat clients in my office. I have a unique style as a naturopath, given my exercise training background and passion to help people get the results they are looking for. Weight loss is a big problem for people, and my strength lies in this topic. 

There is too much conflicting information out there and the topic of nutrition is much deeper than following a diet. As a naturopath, I do not treat symptoms but rather look at the cause of the disease , stress , or inflammation that the body is experiencing.  

I have been encouraged from clients to start a support group for those people who struggle with weight management or simply want to learn more about how we were designed to eat .There is more info about this on my web site . Please take a look …

I offer a FREE 20 minute meet up or phone call.  I find this is necessary for some people to feel comfortable before booking a consultation to get a feel for how i work and what I do in a consultation or group session.  Give me a call today at 514-457-4111 to book a time .  “Life is a gift. Heath is a practice” 


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