Woolworths Unveils Over 100 New Baked Desserts Including Reformulated Woolies Mud Cake


In a bid to zest up its merchandise and provide a gastronomic delight to patrons, Woolworths has recently introduced more than a hundred new baked confections across its nationwide outlets.

An exuberant assortment of cakes, muffins, cookies and other such baked desserts, both newly invented and ingeniously reformulated, form the exclusive line-up of this bakery range. One of the highlights in this expansive collection is the iconic Woolies mud cake, which now undergoes a delightful transformation into a ‘smash cake’. This revamp includes the familiar fluffy chocolate sponge cake, but sports a topping of a chocolate dome that is generously filled with jelly lollies.

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The pricing of this newly unveiled batch of desserts begins at a very affordable $5.50 for cookies, while the Lemon Meringue Tart and the Smash Cake command a worthy price tag of $23 and $35 respectively. Moreover, for the faithful followers of the original bake, the good news is that the traditional mud cakes in chocolate, caramel and white chocolate variants continue to be available.

Donald Keith, the in-house Merchandise Bakery Manager at Woolworths, light-heartedly shared the “arduous task” his diligent team had to undertake. He quipped about their taste-testing each product leading up to their launch. “It has indeed been a tough job, but every product has been tested and approved for taste by our team. We’ve invested more than 18 months in ensuring our customers get to enjoy the superior taste, quality and value that our new range promises to deliver,” he assured.

Besides, a handful of fortunate customers got a chance to partake in this process, as they got to taste these splendid samples in-store. A Chocolate Chunk Cookie Pie aims to excite your taste buds, ready to be warmed in the oven and served with ice cream of your preference.

For those who enjoy an extra kick of spice, the Biscoff baked cheesecake has given a nod to the crowd preferences. Baked with the key ingredient of Biscoff cinnamon spice biscuits, the bake has quickly become a store favourite, enthusiastically disappearing from the snack aisles.

Some other noteworthy items include a Lemon Meringue Tart and a Caramel Cake laced with dulce de leche, promising an unforgettable culinary experience.