Woody Allen Film Premiere at Venice Festival Stormed by Protesters


In an unexpected turn of events, the Venice Film Festival premiere of Woody Allen’s much-anticipated movie, Coup De Chance, was marred by the eruption of skirmishes. A group of determined individuals, laden with protest signs, crashed the glamorous occasion, attempting to seize the limelight on the prestigious red carpet.

Their voices united in a fervent chant, echoing “no rape culture” into the air. However, the protesters’ attempt to invade the perlustration of the festival came to an abrupt halt. Security personnel promptly intervened, successfully expelling them from the vicinity of the event.

The Venice Film Festival, a prestigious platform known for promoting cinematic prowess, has recently been viewed through a prism of critique for its choice of entries. It opened its doors to new works from not one, but three directors – Woody Allen, Luc Besson, and Roman Polanski – each embroiled in the recent wave of MeToo scandals.

The festival’s decision to feature the works of these contentious figures has thrown a spotlight on the underbelly of the film industry, sparking discussion, protest, and the demand for a shift away from enabling or tolerating any form of rape culture. The clamor of the Venice Film Festival serves as yet another reminder of the ongoing struggle pervasive in not just the world of cinema, but society at large.


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