Women Form Campaign To Disseminate Vaccine Information Among Newcomers In Manitoba


A campaign headed by women of color in Manitoba is working with newcomers to build confidence regarding getting immunized against the Coronavirus.

The group, known as the vaccine Newcomer Awareness Group, is constituted a number of newcomers as well as ethnocultural groups. The group convenes via zoom, or phone calls and brings on experts. They host the meeting in various languages other than English. During these meetings, the hosts encourage people to ask questions they may have.

The group has a keen focus on the elderly, especially those that live on their own because they do not have access to the information that everyone else has, says Perla Javate, the co-chair of the Ethnocultural Council in Manitoba.

The group is also working with Norwest Co-op Community health to prepare posters and have the information available to everyone. The council represents at least 20 communities and is working with Norwest to disseminate accurate and scientific information on vaccine safety to all persons in different ethnocultural groups within Winnipeg after they heard various community members expressing concern about the safety of vaccines.

The council initiated a survey among community elders and about 40 percent note that members in their respective communities have concerns regarding the side effects, safety and long-term efficacy.

A number of persons also expressed fear over what they term a poor history relating to vaccination in their communities back at home.

The social media campaign by the women is encouraging health care workers and seniors to post-vaccine selfies together with reasons why they got their jab.

Jennifer Chen, the president of the women of color Community initiative, said they took selfies and posted it on social media because when others see their neighbors post that they have been vaccinated. She noted that there is a reason why the women are leading this initiative. She noted that women of color play a huge role on helping the community stay healthy.

Chen posted her vaccine safety information in her native language, Chinese, joining others who shared theirs in Dinka, Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi, and Nepali.


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