Woman’s Corpse Mistaken For Mannequin In Quebec Fire Found In Dumpster


Sherbrooke police are investigating an incident in which a first responder misidentified the body of a woman as a mannequin and threw it in a dumpster.

Sherbrook chief of Police, Danny McConnell, said the woman’s body what thought to be a silicone dummy that had burnt up in the Cabana St. Factory area on the 23rd of July.

After deliberation between firemen and the police, it was decided that the best place to put the body was in a dumpster at the back of police station as members of the public cannot access it.

About four hours later, a man filled a missing persons claim. Police managed to locate her cellphone at the scene of the fire. He description matched that of the supposed dummy.

After noting the fluke, the checked their dumpster and indeed it turned out that the dummy was a dead human being.

The bureau of investigation and the coroner’s office are investigating the situation. In the meantime, please say they will treat is as a suspicious death.


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