Woman Plummets 150 Feet from North Carolina Overlook, Tragic Death Ensues


A tragic accident shook the stunning expanse of Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina when a 61-year-old woman unexpectedly plummeted nearly 150 feet down a precipitous cliff. The incident occurred on a Saturday afternoon at Glassmine Falls Overlook, a location renowned for its awe-striking vista of the slender Glassmine Falls across the valley.

Upon receiving the distress call, authorities proceeded to conduct a meticulous rescue operation. More than 150 feet below the overlook, they tragically discovered the victim, identified as Nancy Sampson from Greer, South Carolina.

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The Reems Creek Fire Department heroically responded to the catastrophe, rappelling over 100 feet down to the site. Despite their fervent efforts, Sampson sadly succumbed to her injuries.

In the aftermath of this heart-rending incident, a family member of Sampson’s was present, wrestling with shock and sorrow. According to the Trauma Intervention Program of Western North Carolina, he was alone and visibly devastated at the scene and had traveled from out of state. A TIP volunteer commendably and sensitively offered support at the scene, helping him navigate the mountain and encouraging him to reconnect with friends who could provide him succour in the face of such wretched loss.

Despite the suddenness and severity of this tragic incident, the National Park Service has not disclosed any further information.

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