Woman Fatal Fall from Glassmine Falls Overlook Shocks North Carolina


In a tragic turn of events, a leisurely day took a devastating detour on the beautiful, till then tranquil, Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. A 61-year-old woman, named Nancy Sampson from Greer, South Carolina, fell to her demise from a precipitous cliff while visiting the overlook at Glassmine Falls.

The call for help reached authorities on a peaceful Saturday afternoon. The subject of distress: a horrific accident at the Glassmine Falls Overlook, part of the scenic National Parkway, as confirmed by the National Park Service. The overlook is known to attract innumerable visitors due to its breathtaking views of the slim waterfall of Glassmine Falls, creating a picturesque landscape tinkling across the valley.

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Upon arrival, rescue teams found the hiker lying about 150 feet below the overlook. Members from the responsive Reems Creek Fire Department accepted the daunting task of rappelling down the mountainside to locate Ms. Sampson. Unfortunately, despite their valiant efforts, the woman succumbed to her injuries on the scene.

A relative, from out-of-state, was present during this intensely tragic incident. The repercussions of the fatal fall rendered him inconsolably distraught, as shared by the Trauma Intervention Program of Western North Carolina in a rather somber update. Their hands reached out to offer solace and support, aiding the family member with not only emotional grounding at the scene but also assistance to reconnect with friends he could lean on during these testing times.

Further details regarding the unfortunate calamity were withheld by the National Park Service. The locale of the incident, Glassmine Falls, positions itself approximately 25 miles northeast of Asheville, North Carolina.

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