Woman Dead, Police Have Initiated Manhunt For Suspected Killer On The Run


A Montréal woman in her early 30s has had her life snatched from away and police are on a manhunt to locate the man who killed her in what many describe as femicide.

At about 5 pm, Monday, police in Montréal were asked to an apartment located on Birnam Street, in Parc-Extension area.

When the police got to the apartment, the woman, 32, she was unconscious. She had sustained upper-body injuries whose cause they could not explain immediately. Police announced her death on scene.

In the meantime, the police are looking for a Navdeep Ghotra, who was let go on conditional bail last May after he threatened the woman.

Court documents indicate he was scheduled for a trial date on the 8th of October stemming a 19th of may arrest.

The woman’s death is the 13th homicide this year in the Montréal area.

Police say they found a child in the same apartment, and could a potential witness. Neighbors said they heard noise that morning.


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