Woman Claims Mcgill Failed To Fire Errant Coach Despite Highlighting Prejudicial Tweets, Supposed Sexual Abuse


A graduate of McGill has highlighted allegation directed at a former coach that she says was sexually abusive and wrote prejudicial tweets online while serving as an employee of the McGill University.

A number of electronic mails share with local media indicate that McGill waiting at least 5 months to speak to her after she had raised concerns, and in violation of University policies, went past the 90-day mandatory deadline within which it is expected to undertake investigations.

She is speaking about it now because recent stories similar to what she experienced have come up and outraged her. Recently, the University was reported to have been negligent in handling a case in which students reported a janitor who had a tendency to follow female students into the bathroom.

In her instance, which she says was reported in 2017 after she had cleared with the university, the university dismissed her complaint noting that the coach in question posted the tweets before he was an employee of the University, which she says isn’t true, based receipts she shared with local media.

The lady, currently in the 20s, requested that her identity not be revealed because she fears harassment.

In a lengthy complaint, she detailed how the coach initiated sexual relations with her back in 2012 for bragging rights with friends.

She also alleged that the coach had sexual relations with her during her first year of college, and although this was consensual, the coach was mean and abusive.

About 5 months later the University invited her to a zoom meeting, on the 28th of March, 2018. On the 18th of May, the University said it had concluded an investigation into the matter. Citing privacy concerns, the University declined to issue a response regarding the matter.

The lady said she made several attempts to flag the tweet anonymously, but was referred from one person to another as no one was ready to address this issue.

She noted that the reason she highlighted this issue is that she hopes McGill the university will change how it handles such issues.


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