Wolfgang Puck Takes Gourmet Stride into Vegas Luxury Condo Scene


Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck sets his sights on Las Vegas once again, this time venturing into uncharted territory outside the city’s bustling casino scene. Having earlier this year inaugurated Carama at Mandalay Bay, Puck now fleshes out intricate plans for his next culinary enterprise, extending his gastronomic prowess to the pristine stretches of Vegas-adjacent Henderson, Nevada.

The famed culinary virtuoso is poised to hold the culinary reins of the forthcoming Four Seasons Private Residences, a $1.3 billion condo complex nestled within the swanky confines of the MacDonald Highlands enclave. As reported by Eater Vegas, Puck stands as the lone culinary operator within this splurge-worthy residential haven, which promises an unsurpassed lifestyle of luxury once finished in late 2026.

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The sprawling complex, replete with 171 condos sequestered in two 25-story high-rises and each beginning at a staggering $3.5 million, earmarks space for Puck’s yet-to-be-named restaurant up among the higher floors of one tower. In addition to providing residents with a sky-high dining experience overlooking Nevada’s picturesque vistas, Puck’s team will also cater to poolside dining preferences and on-site catering requests of the residents and their guests.

Engaging in fine dining endeavors within private Vegas residences is not without its challenges. This is evidenced by the recent shuttering of The Sundry food hall, a once prominent dining entity tucked within the Uncommons residential development in southwest Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, the pizza scene in Las Vegas continues to rise, with two local pizzerias earning spots on the coveted 50 Top Pizza list. This worldwide ranking, founded in Italy a decade ago, is regarded as the definitive guide to the best pizzas on the globe. Pizza Rock, the brainchild of Chef Tony Gemignani (who also established San Francisco’s lauded Tony’s Pizza Napoletana), claimed 28th place on the U.S. list, while Double Zero Pie & Pub rode a wave of popularity to a notable 45th position.

Enthusiastically extending its footprint in the bustling pizza hub, Good Pie is set to waltz into a second location at 835 Seven Hills Drive in Henderson, Nev. However, the scorching Vegas heatwave has momentarily eclipsed the sizzling scene at Yukon Pizza, forcing it to interrupt serving its flagship item – slices. As the extra wood-fired oven required to bake these slices has led to unbearable temperatures for employees and customers. The owner, however, assures that much-loved slices will make a triumphant comeback post-installation of another A/C unit within the forthcoming weeks.