With a Jackpot of $62 million, Lady Luck Brightens Weekend for Lotto Contestants in Quebec!


Evidently, Lady Luck was all smiles for some fortunate punters this past weekend, spreading good fortune to lottery contestants far and wide.

The Saturday evening draw of Lotto 6/49 on June 8 was underscored by the tantalizingly hefty Gold Ball prize, a jackpot of no lesser value than a staggering $62 million. Despite being a siren song to the prospective overnight millionaire, the topmost prize eluded grasp. However, in the midst of generalized disappointment, there was a beacon of triumph. One player must have been struck with jaw-dropping disbelief as their eyes aligned the White Ball winning number 74077064-01 with their ticket. According to the tangible details of PlayNow, that winning ticket was purchased somewhere in the breadth of Quebec.

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A parallel dance of excitement was experienced with the Classic draw, with the winning numerals of 3, 6, 26, 28, 39, 40 and a bonus of 29 teasing players with the promise of a stunning $5 million. While no one found their ticket transforming instantly from a mere scrap of paper to the key to a millionaire’s lifestyle, a handful of players certainly had their hearts racing with increased pumps.

With an enticing match of five out of the six winning Classic draw numbers in addition to the bonus number, four people collectively eschewed disappointment recognizing that second prize wasn’t a shabby place to land. In the aftermath of this near win, each one will be at the receiving end of a cheque worth a comfortable $76,800.20. The hosts of these winning tickets were spread from coast to coast, with one surfacing on PlayNow.com, one secured in Ontario, and two in Quebec.

But alas, the winning combination for the Classic Draw Extra prize, resting at a cool half a million, remained untouched, as it did for the $1 million top Encore prize. The numbers staring undiscovered were 32, 50, 73, and 95, like a treasure chest buried deep, undisturbed within the sandy recesses on a forgotten beach.

Taking a raincheck, Lady Luck has turned her gaze towards the forthcoming Lotto 6/49 draw slated for Wednesday, June 12th. The Gold Ball has kept the anticipation aflame, now puffed up to a stratospheric $64 million, with a paltry trio of balls left to play.