Winnipeg’s Community Gardens Almost At 100 Percent Booking, Farm Is Helping Growers Find Suitable Plots


Spring is here, and it is the time when Manitoba’s get their hand dirty doing gardening.

To support the spirit of gardening, the City of Manitoba opened its community gardens for gardeners to rent. Now, only a few are left.

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According to Rodney Penner, the City’s naturalist, two days after the City started accepting bookings; only 17 pieces are left.

He said that they have been quite busy this season. He added that they have full capacity every year, which often happens quite early after the plots are available for booking.

This might be a great disappointment for hopeful gardeners, but the farm has more in store.

Farm owner Louise May runs a match-making program that helps connect gardeners with those in the neighborhood who have space to let. She says that so far, they are doing very well matching people. She added that they have had very many positive connections.

She went on to say that for people with bigger ambitions, they have even bigger plots at a farm she owns on Waverley Street, right before you get to La Barriere Park.

They also have plots for those who are interested in gardening but have minimal experience. There are virtual programs for gardening and even backyard chickens.