Winnipeg Woman Scoops Million-Dollar Lottery, Plans Family Visit to Philippines


In the heart of Manitoba’s capital city, a Winnipeg woman’s life has just taken an unforeseen and fantastic turn. Elaine Corpuz has been catapulted into the world of the wealthy, finding herself a million dollars richer after clinching a victory in the Western Max lottery.

The winning ticket that revealed Elaine Corpuz’s newfound fortune was purchased online, a fact confirmed by the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation. The astounding news hit Elaine like a lightning bolt, leaving her reeling in disbelief. As she surveyed her now-million-dollar ticket, she was not prepared to see herself as the holder of the golden lottery ticket, the ultimate victor of the Western Max draw held on May 21.

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A distinctly personal and poignant sentiment accompanied her big win. During Elaine’s lifetime, she and her late mother had cultivated a shared habit of playing the lottery together. The memory of her mother’s buoyant optimism washed over Elaine as she recalled, “She always said I would win big.” The bittersweet twist of fate lies in the fact that her mother isn’t here today to witness the monumental win she always knew Elaine was destined for.

Elaine has intimated that she already has plans for her windfall, plans that reflect her priorities and values. She yearns to use part of her winnings to visit her family in her native homeland of the Philippines. Unfortunately, her last trip was overshadowed by the sorrowful occasion of her mother’s passing. This time around, she hopes to replace the painful memories with new happier ones, saying “it would be nice to go and make some new memories.”

In the end, Elaine Corpuz’s life took an unexpected turn when her online ticket bought on PlayNow matched all seven numbers selected for the million-dollar prize draw on May 21. Now, the Winnipeg woman stands as an official millionaire, testament to the surprising turns that life can take.