Winnipeg Recruiting Committee Recommend the Preferred Candidate for the Municipality Chief Financial Officer Position


According to news issued on Wednesday by the City, the Winnipeg recruiting committee has recommended Catherine Kloepfer for the municipality chief financial officer position. Kloepfer has extensive public and private experience, placing her as a preferred candidate for the position.

According to Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman, Kloepfer has served in the public and private sector for over thirty years. He described her extensive experience in financial management as something the municipality should draw upon.

Kloepfer has served in several organizations, community boards, corporations, and the Winnipeg Airport Authority. The committee members include Scott Gillingham, Markus Chambers, Cindy Gilroy, and Mike Ruta.

Councillor Gillingham described her as a natural fit and a proven executive leader. He added that her private and public sector background would be an important asset for Winnipeg’s residents.

The committee now awaits her confirmation by the executive policy committee, which is scheduled to meet on Wednesday. The candidate will finally have to be approved by the city council, which will meet next Thursday.


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