Winnipeg Libraries Slated To Offer Touchless Pick-Up And Return Service Starting Thursday


Public libraries in Winnipeg will soon start offering contactless book holds, pick-up or return services beginning this Thursday, the is according to the city.

Dr. Brent Roussin, the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer, issued 13 fresh public health orders that led to a 3rd lockdown.

Branches of the Winnipeg public library had shut down, suspending books services. However, after a few discussions between key stakeholders, it was decided that branch libraries could shift to contactless holds, pick-up, and return.

All the 20 branches will start offering contactless service this Thursday. Holds and pick-up will be in operation during normal hours at all branches, while external returns will be in service all day every day.

The city Library will offer holds, pick-up, and returns only. Customers will be able to enter the library, a recent press briefing said.

Customers have the option of placing holds via the internet or mobile app.

An email notification will be sent to them or they may also receive calls once their items are prepped for collection. Once they are outside the library, they can call in and have their books brought outside where they are parked.

Alternatively, customers can find their bools placed on the holds table outside of the library.


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