Windsor’s Muslim Community Rallies Aid After Devastating Morocco Earthquake


In the wake of a catastrophic 6.8 magnitude earthquake that engulfed the nation of Morocco, leaving thousands diseased and many more injured, the Muslim community of Windsor, Ontario, has risen in humanistic solidarity to confront the calamity.

At around 11:11 p.m. on September 8, the seismic terrors of earth shook the North African soil of Morocco. The devastation stretched its ominous hand across 70 kilometers from Marrakech, the epicenter of this natural disaster.

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The death toll has crossed the mark of 2,000 and the injured list continues to swell with time, painting a grave picture of the situation on the ground. However, against this backdrop of immeasurable grief, the Muslim community of Windsor has taken swift action, responding promptly to this widespread crisis.

“With each layer of devastation, one feels a resonating tremor of human despair,” expressed Widad Mezahi, the articulate voice of the Windsor Islamic Association. “Still, the ripples of human compassion move us to act, swiftly and decisively, in solidarity with those suffering.”

In the early hours of Saturday, upon hearing the harrowing news, the Association launched an online fundraiser to aid the immediate needs of the Moroccans. In a heartening development, they have already amassed $11,000 against their total target of $100,000.

Mezahi expressed that the size of Windsor’s Moroccan community doesn’t dilute their motivation. Their intent rests on supporting relief efforts, reminiscent of their previous actions when both Turkiye and Syria were similarly devastated by earthquakes earlier this year.

“In our efforts then, we managed to pool a sum of $500,000. Additionally, we became a hub for generous donations of clothing, tents, books, among other essentials, donated by countless people. All these were sent over to Turkiye and Syria where charity workers ensured they reached those directly affected,” Mezahi recalled.

The unfortunate occurrence on Friday night has pulled close to 300,000 lives into the whirlwind of its devastating aftermath. As the numbers continue to rise, so does the resilience and spirit of communities like Windsor’s, embodying the strength of collective humanity amidst shattering tremors of despair.