Windsor Shooting: Police Seek Assistance in Locating Suspected Vehicle


In the west end of Windsor city, a violent scenario unfolded as security footage draws a stark image of a vehicle suspected to be instrumental in a targeted shooting incident.

On Thursday, a man was leisurely enjoying the tranquility of his front porch on the 900 block of Wellington Avenue when the serenity was violently shattered. Suddenly, two individuals cloaked in hoodies emerged, besieging the quiet avenue with a flurry of bullets aimed in the man’s direction.

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Following the distress call, law enforcement in swift response arrived at the scene to a concerning sight. A 38-year-old man riddled with gunshot wounds to both the leg and abdomen, a grim tale of the incident that had just transpired.

The wounded man, bearing injuries severe yet not life-threatening, was promptly transferred to the safety of a hospital for further medical intervention.

In a bid to uncover relevant facts, the police now seek the assistance of bystanders and the public at large in locating a key element linked to the crime. A white four-door Ford Focus SE, model years 2012-2015, is under suspicion. Distinguishing features of this vehicle include non-tinted front driver and passenger side windows and a burnt-out front driver’s side headlight.

In their quest for truth, the police urge anyone with additional information or video evidence that could aid the investigation to step forward. Witnesses can contact the Major Crimes Unit at the allocated number of 519-255-6700 and add the extension of 4830. The citizens also have the option to contact Crime Stoppers confidentially on the number 519-258-8477 (TIPS) or seek online intervention at