Windsor Police Thwart South American Bomb Threat Hoax, Reinforce Courthouse Safety Measures


Approximately half past three on a seemingly ordinary Friday afternoon, an urgent call found its way into the Windsor police department’s virtual desk. The chilling message conveyed the alarm of a bomb threat, with its epicenter being the 200-block of Chatham Street East. Swift action was taken and the wheels of justice were set into immediate motion.

As the investigation unfurled, it became apparent that the threat – a grim shadow hovering over peace – was believed to have taken roots from South America. After deep examination and rigorous scrutiny, it was evident that the threat was, in fact, a hoax.

Nevertheless, the gravity of the situation wasn’t lost on the law enforcement agency. The Windsor police made it clear that the safety of the denizens of the courthouse was of paramount importance. In light of the event, they assured the public that additional security measures will be implemented, thereby strengthening the bulwark against potential threats and ensuring the ongoing safety of all individuals present at the courthouse.


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