Windsor Police Seize $95,000 in Narcotics, Key Drug Trafficking Suspect Arrested


In an operation that proved to be a significant blow to drug trafficking in the city, Windsor police seized narcotics valuing at $95,000. The cache included both cocaine and its derivative, crack cocaine. Along with the illicit substances, an amount of $14,000 cash, a mix of Canadian and U.S. currency, was also confiscated. The law enforcement action took place at a Riverside dwelling place.

A suspect, believed to be a major player in the city’s drug trafficking circle, was arrested in this operation. Police had previously secured a warrant, which they executed at the suspect’s residence on the 400 block of Dormar Drive.

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The exhaustive search operation undertaken by the officers led to the discovery of nearly 895 grams of cocaine and approximately 62.3 grams of crack cocaine. The $14,000 that was seized is suspected to be proceeds derived from these unlawful activities.

The detained individual, a 39-year-old male, now faces charges which include two counts of possession with intent to distribute drugs and four counts of breach of release orders.

In their quest to weed out such sinister activities from the city, the Windsor law enforcement has appealed to the public for any information that may aid them in their mission. The populace can reach the Windsor Police Service DIGS Unit directly. Alternatively, for those who prefer to maintain anonymity while aiding a good cause, they can reach out to Crime Stoppers. This anonymous line works relentlessly to uphold justice, ensuring a safer society for every Windsor citizen.