Windsor Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Suspect in False Bomb Threat Case


In the distraction-riddled heart of Windsor, an arrest mandate has been issued for the believed agitator of a false bomb threat oriented towards the nearby vicinity of the Ontario Court of Justice in the latter part of the preceding week.

This unravelling scenario traces its origin back to September 15, when Windsor Police Service officers shifted into high alert after an unsettling online report surfaced, alluding to the presence of a bomb planted ominously near the Ontario Court of Justice on Chatham Street East. In a bid to ensure safety and peace, seasoned officers and their highly-trained K9 explosive-detection comrades spared no corner in their meticulous exploration of the area, reassuringly concluding the absence of any community-threatening danger.

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In the nerve-racking aftermath of this unsettling event, all eyes turned to The Major Crimes Unit which promptly launched an investigation. These concerted efforts culminated in the identification of the suspect – a 28-year-old individual answering to the names Fernando and Sebastian Guijarro Velastegui.

Subsequently, the investigators executed their judicial prerogatives, applying for, and securing an arrest warrant for Velastegui. The plot thickens as this person of interest, a former Windsor denizen, is presumed to have relocated, possibly concealing himself in the distant South American nation of Ecuador.

Presently, Velastegui’s name graces the top of law enforcement’s most wanted list, desired for charges related to public mischief. This incident serves as a chilling reminder of the tightrope we walk between presumption of safety and the unpredictability of lurking danger, and the relentless pursuit of justice by our law enforcement agencies.