Windsor Man Charged with Impaired Driving After Hit-and-Run Incident in Chatham-Kent


In a story of determined police work, authorities in Chatham-Kent wasted no time in tracking down a suspect after a hit-and-run incident. The 47-year-old man from Windsor has been charged with impaired driving, stemming from an episode on a peaceful Saturday afternoon.

As the clock ticked towards 5 pm on that fateful Saturday, officers were summoned to Grand Ave W in Chatham. A distressed call had come through with reports of a vehicle colliding with a light pole, after which the perpetrator swiftly disengaged from the scene.

Further investigations into the incident led the police to the location of the abandoned vehicle and its driver. Apparently displaying the tell-tale signs of impairment, the Windsor man’s freedom was curtailed as he was arrested for suspected impaired operation.

Subsequently escorted to the police headquarters, he was required to provide breath samples. The results of the breath test confirmed the officers’ suspicions – the man was indeed over the legal limit. Under the weight of his actions, the man was served with the impaired driving charges and his day in court was slated for October 23.

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