Windsor Jury Unveils Chilling Details in Terrorism-Motivated Murder Trial of Nathaniel Veltman


Experiencing another pivotal day in court, a Windsor jury learned of more agreed facts concerning the ongoing trial of Nathaniel Veltman, a 22-year-old charged with terrorism-motivated first-degree murders and attempted murder, on a Wednesday hearing.

Jennifer Moser, the Crown Attorney, soberly provided a delineation of the causes of death for the four Afzaal family members – victims that spanned three generations. The elderly matriarch, Talat, aged 74; her son Salman, 46; Salman’s wife Madiha, 44; and their teenager Yumnah, 15; all met a brutal end, suffering ‘blunt force injuries’.

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Moser’s descriptive account indicated that Talat Afzaal’s passing was most likely instantaneous upon the impact, the elderly woman succumbing to fractures and internal bleeding. Both Salman and Madiha sustained similar injuries, with their lives extinguished not on the scene, but within the stark confines of a hospital. Their daughter, Yumnah, despite being just 15, suffered a similar fate. Her wounds were primarily located in her torso, she, like her parents, did not have the chance to see another sunrise, pronounced dead in the hospital.

The attorney general further pointed to the pronounced cause of death for all the victims – ‘multiple trauma’ injuries.

Providing a brief timeline of the gruesome events, the family had been enjoying an evening walk on June 6, 2021. They were patiently awaiting their turn to cross the intersection of Hyde Park Rd. and South Carriage Rd. in London when a pickup truck veered into their path.

In a statement of admission to the court, Veltman confirmed that he was indeed the driver of the truck that snuffed out the lives of four innocent lives. However, his lawyers proceeded to enter a plea of not guilty on his behalf.

Wednesday’s proceedings concluded at noon, with Justice Renee Pomerance dismissing the jury due to some legal matters that needed further examination by the lawyers.

The trial is scheduled to reconvene on Thursday morning as the courtroom awaits further developments in this heartbreaking case.