Windsor Jewish Leader Sounds Alarm Amid Gaza Bloodshed, Calls for Local Restraint


The heartrending news of the bloodshed near the Gaza Strip, which claimed hundreds of lives and left thousands wounded, reverberated throughout the world, leaving communities in upheaval. It sent shockwaves through the Windsor Jewish community, where the local leader found himself personally affected by the distant conflict.

The Director of the Windsor Jewish Federation and Community Centre, Dan Brotman, a veteran of the Israeli army with Israeli citizenship, expressed his disbelief and pain at the turmoil.

“Never in our bleakest dreams would we have imagined anything like this could happen,” confessed Brotman. The bombardment of his homeland by missiles, the unfolding scenes of abductions and kidnappings eventuating in Gaza, left him and countless Jews worldwide in a state of shock.

Brotman expressed apprehension over the ripple effects of these international affairs on local communities. “In 2021, we found ourselves embroiled in a war. With a significant Middle Eastern population residing in both Windsor and Metro Detroit, any turbulence in the Middle East hits close to home,” Brotman disclosed. He pleaded for local politicians to show a degree of restraint, expressing his hope that they wouldn’t exacerbate the already strained situation.

The Windsor Jewish community is hopeful of gaining the local police’s support during this turbulent time. Alarmingly, there has been a nationwide request by Jewish communities for bolstered security measures. Some institutions even felt compelled to shut their doors temporarily for safety reasons. However, it is heartening to note that, thus far, Windsor synagogues have managed to stay open, albeit with heightened security measures in place. This is a stark reminder and testament to the strength of communities and their perseverance amidst a world roiled by conflict.


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