Windsor Committee to Discuss QR Code Proposal for Homeless Aid


The forthcoming meeting of Windsor’s Community Services Standing Committee will deliberate upon a report that has advocated against the installation of QR code signs in the city as a measure to assist the homeless. The proposal, once seen as a potential augmentation to digital donations and a combatant against aggressive panhandling, was originally called for by Ward 3 Coun. Renaldo Agostino last February.

Agostino expressed no dissatisfaction with the report’s recommendation, stating that the issue is promoting critical discussions within the community. “It’s simply about advancing the dialogue,” Agostino elaborated. His stand is resolute, inclined towards exploring all possible resolutions that could improve the condition for inhabitants and foster a conducive environment for those in need.

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The councillor pointed out that analogous programs using QR code signs are functional in other communities, such as Greenville, South Carolina. However, the report’s examination did not identify substantial benefits in terms of monetary contributions or a reduction in panhandling there. Despite this, the signs were seen to be enhancing education and community awareness.

Agostino voiced, “I believe resolving this issue will require multiple perspectives, given that we have a significant problem to address.” He had originally envisioned placing QR codes on various locations like street signs, bar coasters, tables, tents and spoke of it as a city-wide campaign that he assumed would come with a minimal cost.

However, a matter of concern for Agostino is the potential misuse or fraudulent use of these QR codes. He cautioned about people replacing existing QR codes with fraudulent ones and manipulating the system, adding that he observed similar instances during traffic calming surveys. He expresses a keen interest in discussing and identifying methods to circumvent this issue.

Agostino emphasises that the conversation around this method is important, regardless of the report’s recommendation. Encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and innovative methods, he expressed his hope for a downtown safety plan, details of which are expected to be divulged soon.

He stressed, “We’re interested in everyone’s suggestions and solutions, we want to hear all perspectives – be they good, bad or indifferent. These discussions are increasingly gaining momentum at city hall and I’m confident this subject will form a significant part of it.”

The forthcoming meeting of the Community Services Standing Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 6 at 9 a.m. at Windsor City Hall.