Willistead Manor Seeks Live-in Custodian to Preserve Historic Treasure


In the pursuit of a fresh live-in heritage custodian and maintenance attendant, Windsor City has set its sight on Willistead Manor. The successful candidate(s), living rent-free inside, will be crucial in preserving and exhibiting the venerated Tudor-Jacobean style English Manor House, which presently functions as a museum and an exceptional event centre.

The merits of the position sparked excitement from urban historian Chris Edwards at Walkerville Publishing. He elaborated, “The opportunity is tremendous. Staff quarters on the entire third floor of the manor will be accessible to the custodian. Imagine living in a manor built for staff back in the day; it’s appealing.”

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Originally erected in 1906 by the Detroit-based architect Albert Kahn, the 36-room Willistead Manor graces a 15-acre park. The Manor was the temporary abode of Edward Chandler Walker and his spouse Mary, and today, it is heralded as a cultural treasure, playing host to a myriad of special events, from weddings to meetings.

Edwards elaborated further on its unique charm, “This Manor is a true architectural masterpiece from a bygone period of greatness and mighty industrial capitalists. For instance, Hiram Walker was a forerunner in his own right who rose to global prominence with his top-quality whiskey, Canadian Club. The Manor we see today is a testament to the opulence that resulted from such successes. We are indeed fortunate to have this piece meticulously preserved and managed by the city.”

The posting is open to either individuals or families. However, as per the city’s notice seeking applications, pets are prohibited. The only potential drawback? Edwards light-hearted comment, “We’ve heard legends of a spectral resident moving throughout the Manor. The occasional strange happenings, misplacement of items, and the eerie resemblance to a classic atmospheric horror movie make for a truly great story – though I’m unsure about the portrait of eyes follow you around.”

In Edwards’s view, the Manor, which stood on the brink of destruction once, is the most cherished residential spot in Windsor. Alongside the historic significance, it offers secret passages which the previous lets utilized.

Epitomizing the essence of local history, a tenure at this place would appeal to enthusiasts of the past. The aspect of being a part of history, of walking the glorious rooms each day and observing the world through its vintage windows, that’s quite an amazing experience for history aficionados,” Edwards expressed.

The call for applications ends on October 16, 2023.