Wildland Heroes “Guardians of the North” Returns for Season 2


The popular documentary series that brings the heroic exploits of wildland firefighters and First Nations responders in Northern Saskatchewan into the limelight is set to be renewed for a second season. The forthcoming installment will continue to delve into these figures’ lifesaving endeavours as they prepare and respond to wildfires and the ensuing evacuations during the summer of 2023, while still focusing on the cornerstone characters from the inaugural season.

The series, christened “Guardians of the North,” has significantly managed to capture a dedicated audience, as noted by Wavelength Entertainment Producer, Chris Triffo. Its reception, underpinned by overwhelming positivity, spans across both local and non-local viewership demographics, setting an impressive precedent for other productions.

The production of this series was made possible through the generous fund of $276,000 from Creative Saskatchewan’s Feature Film and Television Production grant. The investment has so far been economically rewarding, generating an approximated output of 1.3 million.

According to Erin Dean, the CEO of Creative Saskatchewan, this successful project not only showcases the laborious and noble deeds of local heroes but also spectacularly presents the diverse topography of Saskatchewan. The result is a double-edged sword, powerfully spotlighting the province’s natural beauty while concurrently stimulating significant financial influx.

The expectant fans can look forward to the series’ resumption as the second season is scheduled for broadcasting on CityTV Saskatchewan come spring in the year 2024.


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