Wildfire Causes Evacuation Of Entire Logan Lake Community, B.C


Everyone in the Logan Lake community, B.C, is facing evacuation orders as fire men and women struggle to prevent the Tremont Creek fire from spreading further.

The community is made up of approximately 2000 residents, and everyone was asked to leave their home Thursday even as authorities warned them that they would not find accommodation in the neighboring towns of Ashcroft and Merritt.

Thompson-Nicola District also issued a similar order for 10 homes in the Tunkwa Lake area, approximately 20 minutes’ drive to the north of Logan Lake.

Authorities set up an emergency service center at Chilliwack Senior Secondary School, along 46363 Yale Road.

Evacuees were asked to try and make arrangements with friends and family. Those who find accommodation for themselves will still get support including grocery vouchers once they register online at the emergency information B.C website.

Logan Lake was already under an evacuation alert as a result of the Tremont Creek fire, which currently covers about 36400 hectares.

Through an update posted last Thursday evening, B.C’s Wildfire Service stated that the blaze, which they discovered on the 12th of July, is still classified as out of control.

Ashcroft Indian Band and Village, to the northwest of logan lake, still remain under evacuation alert.

Additional information on evacuation of person in the path of the Tremont Creek fire will be available on the Thompson-Nichola Regional Webpage.

As of last Wednesday, close to 4600 properties were under evacuation orders across B.C while a further 29000 are under an alert.


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