Wild Fire Raging West Of Edmonton Causes Evacuations


A raging fire has caused some residents in the areas between Wildwood and Evansburg, Yellowhead County, to the west of Edmonton.

An evacuation alert was issued last Tuesday and if affects people who reside along Highway 16, to the west of Highway 22 all the way to Highway 16A.

By about 8:30 pm, MT, the raging fire will have covered approximately 125 hectares of the Edson Forest, 9 km northwest of Evansburg. It is projected to be heading south.

The fire has already traversed Lobstick River, but is yet to reach High 16.

The fire was first noticed at about 4pm, after it had reached 2 hectares large. Currently, four helicopters, 30 firefighters, six tankers, and six heavy equipment.

An evacuation program has been set forth for persons in the Lobstick Resort area. Authorities are setting up an evacuation center inside the Evansburg Arena.


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