West Island Cancer Wellness Centre raises $31 500 at their signature “An evening in the Mediterranean” fundraiser

Photos courtesy of Steve Fett Photography

by Rhonda Massad

Table 09 took guests of the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre on a taste voyage to the Mediterranean last Thursday, November 17 at their signature Mediterranean Fundraiser.  The annual event raises funds for the yellow house that many turn to when they are dealing with cancer.  

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 The event had the support of wonderful sponsors such as: Desjardins, Global Payments, TD, Rossy and Stil Design.

 The capital campaign committee raised $3 million to make it possible for the WICWC to move to its new location in Kirkland.  The new “big” yellow house will provide much-needed space for the programs according to founder Debbie Magwood. 

Photos courtesy of Steve Fett Photography

“Now we are moving on to a new chapter,” Magwood said, “we promise to continue to offer programs and services that complement the medical system and support the well-being of those living with cancer.”

Magwood paid tribute to those who made the transition possible.  She toasted her friend and the new building’s project manager Tony Zinno and his wife Judy for countless hours.

“Tony volunteered hundreds of hours to make sure his incredibly beautiful architectural designs are respected,” she said. “He has been my rock, the go-to guy to vent to and I am proud to call him a friend.” Gracious words were spoken of the


centre by participant Danielle Duc. who spoke of her experience with cancer. 

“I thought I had a simple cancer and would have a simple treatment when I was diagnosed in 2015,” she explained. “Not so.”

Danielle underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery and six months of chemotherapy, loss of hair, another surgery and 25 days of radiation with six days left on the night of the event. 

“Since last January, the WICWC has helped me with the offered programs such as reflexology, reiki and yoga which have given me more energy to come out of my shell and made me feel less isolated.  I have learned to let people take care of me instead of my insistence to take care of others.  I don’t always have to be the strongest.”