Empowerment Life Coach, Caroline Bougie, regular contributor to the blog and West Island resident, has taken it upon herself to help a family facing a terminal cancer diagnosis. Here she tells you, in her own words, how this chance meeting came to be and asks for your help in making their Holidays a little brighter during this difficult time. 

As an Empowerment Life Coach with a background in Special Care Counselling and Early Childhood Education, I have worked with so many wonderful women, children and parents in so many areas over the years. I recently hosted a Vision Board Workshop for those who wished to step into 2020 with more focus, clarity and direction. This is where I met Anushka Panesar. She had reached out to me and wanted to be part of my workshop. She had advised me that her husband, Yasten André, has terminal brain cancer. They have two young boys – Xander (3) and Xavier (5), who is autistic. Yasten is currently receiving care at the West Island Palliative Care Residence, and Anushka doesn’t know how much time he has left.

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Throughout my workshop, I came to see that she was truly a pillar of strength. She was the caretaker for all – her husband and her two boys too. I imagine that she doesn’t often do things for herself, as she is the primary caregiver for everyone around her. I wanted her to try to enjoy the Holidays with her family and to allow me and the Montreal Community to rally around her to support her and help her out at this extremely difficult time in her life.

Both of my parents have had cancer and are thankfully in remission, however, I do know the amount of stress this can put on a family. It’s such a heartbreaking time for this family and it moved me greatly.

About a week after the workshop, I sent her a message letting her know that I was sponsoring a family the Holiday season, via my company Inspiration 2 Intention Life Coaching.  I told her that I was thinking of her and wanted to start collecting presents for her and her children. There is also a Go Fund Me that was set up by a family friend of theirs. I am so happy that she accepted my offer to help. I know it wasn’t easy for her to accept but I am truly touched by the outpouring from the community.

So, as I write this, there are two boxes set up in the Brunswick Medical Center Lobby, located in Pointe-Claire. Folks from all over the West Island and Montreal Area can donate Wrapped Toys for the Boys and some presents for Anushka too. We could really use more toys and gifts for Anushka. The boys love Transformers, Paw Patrol, Super Heroes, Legos and more. Please see the list at the bottom of this post. They deserve to be spoiled and feel the warmth and love of the Holiday Season, even if it’s just for a few moments.

Anushka will need help for her and her children in a multitude of areas. I am concerned for Anushka and do not want her to burnout, as many Caregivers can suffer from lack of energy, time and/or resources to focus on their health and wellness. If you or someone you know can help in terms of support, please reach out and let us know.

Let’s help this Montreal family and continue to spread the word. Donate wrapped presents and drop them off in the lobby of the Brunswick Medical Centre. You can Donate to the Go Fund Me as well.

Anushka says that she is so grateful for all of the support. It really helps her focus on caring for her family, especially during this time of year. My heart is bursting at the response from everyone and I know Anushka & her family are feeling the love from near and far. Thank you.


  1. New wrapped Presents for the two boys (ideas & drop-off info below)
  2. Christmas Present for Anushka-
  3. AND/OR You can contribute to the Go Fund Me Page that was created by a family friend: https://bit.ly/2tyql0N


Xavier (5 years old) loves LEGO.
Xander (3 years old) loves dinosaurs.
Star Wars
PJ Mask
Paw Patrol
Educational games -age appropriate
Arts & Craft Materials
Boardgames are great too -like Monopoly Jr, etc.
NB- The kids like Zig Zag Zoo & Gymmini too.


Fun Pyjamas(Medium)
A King Sized Comforter,
Warm Gloves,
2 Dehumidifiers,
Winter Socks,
Warm Scarf


There are 2 BOXES for @Inspiration2Intention & Empowerment Women’s Circle-Montreal

Please note that gift cards and gift certificates can also be donated by calling or texting (514) 833-6025 to arrange pick up.